Frank Pitters is a creative and versatile composer, producer, song writer, sound designer and audio engineer based in Vienna, Austria.

Romanian-born Frank picked up playing several musical instruments like piano and violin when he was six years old. In the year 1990, at the age of 10, he migrated to Austria and soon developed a deeply run passion for playing the electric guitar. In private lessons he figured out his particular knack for the instrument and soon after founded his first heavy metal band, for which he also started writing songs.

During the studio recording sessions with said band for their first (and eventually last) album, Frank was blown away by the possibilities the musicians were offered by studio equipment such as mixing desks, effect towers and various computer programs.

So much so that after finishing high school he decided to study at SAE College in Vienna. Here, Frank made his first appearance in the recording industry. At the same time, he got some of Austria’s best musicians together to form the band DIGNITY, and again is responsible for most of their songwriting. Frank also recorded and produced their very first studio album „Project Destiny“ which got critically acclaimed throughout Europe and resulted in the band’s worldwide record deal with Napalm Records.

All along this way, Frank has been working for various other bands as an arranger, audio engineer and producer in the WildOneMusic Studios in Vienna.

While he wrote music for a wide variety of styles in the past, Frank now successfully started composing for television, commercials, games and new media.